I am a graduate student studying computer science at the University of New Hampshire. Before this I wrote commercial CAD software for the fire protection industry.


  • UNIX/Linux Operating Systems
  • C, Ruby
  • HTML5 video streaming
  • astronomy, astrophysics


I have been using OpenBSD in earnest since version 4.6 and for the past year have been starting to use ruby more and more in my side projects. The only downside is that the official ruby packages sometimes lag behind the latest releases. I started compiling ruby by hand, and then wrote a script to automate the build process.

mkruby fetches, builds, and installs the latest 1.9.3 patchset from ruby-lang.org and applies the relevant openbsd patches. The main differences between mkruby and official ruby packages are the binaries and gems do not have the 19 suffix. So that extra step of creating links is no longer needed.


MovieStreamer App (Objective-C)

Inspired by the moviestreamer sinatra app, MovieStreamer is a native Mac OS X application for watching personal movies stored on your mac via any HTML5 compatible browser on your local network.

website  code

moviestreamerb (ruby)

A simple sinatra app for watching personal movies through HTML5 compatible browsers.

  • puma gem
  • sinatra gem
  • browser gem
  • json gem

mg editor (c)

This project has been deprecated. mg is now available through homebrew. If there is any interest in a standalone binary installer, please email me and I will continue to support it. The code will remain on github.


mkruby (shell)

Fetches and builds the latest 1.9.3 or 2.0.0 ruby patchset.

  • OpenBSD 5.3 i386/amd64
  • libffi
  • libyaml
  • bash shell
  • cURL

con2webm (ruby)

Automates converting mp4 videos to webm.

  • ffmpeg
  • ffprober gem

dvd2mp4 (ruby)

Automates converting a dvd to mp4.

  • HandBrakeCLI

getffmpeg (shell)

Installs the static mac os x builds of ffmpeg and ffprobe from http://evermeet.cx to /usr/local/bin

  • p7zip
  • cURL